REVOLVE: Building a Brand and a Business

 Excerpts from a business plan. To read the full plan and view sources contact Reese.


The idea for REVOLVE, an environment-friendly running shoe, was sparked while running on the streets of NYC. Why not repurpose some of this discarded trash that is everywhere and create a pair of high-performance and well-designed running shoes that can be recycled?

The combination of two important observations create the market opportunity that can support this idea:

  1.  People are committing to taking better care of themselves. An increased focus on health can be seen through a 17% rise in running shoe purchases (Douglas, 2013), a 9.5% growth of organic markets (Whole Foods, n.d.) and the seven out of ten adults who now track their fitness with a wearable device or app (McConnell, 2013).

2. There is a rise in a consumer who is aspirational–one that is  defined by their desire to purchase products that are good for society and good for the environment. But this consumer also wants to look good in addition to simply doing good (Meet the Aspirationals, 2014), which is why brands like Warby Parker, brands that combines style and social good, have been gaining popularity.

These two trends are related through the notion of aspiration. Whether it’s aspiration to better oneself or the world as a whole, the idea of positivity and drive for improvement is present in both trends.

The shoe design is simple–one generic shell made of 99% recycled materials with different insole inserts that will accommodate the different ways in which a person runs. The shoe composed of a material such as Eco-Fi, which repurposes plastic bottles into a felt-like fabric (Foss Manufacturing Company, 2014) and vegan, environmentally friendly, water-based glue. This reduces impact in 2 ways; the first being the idea of a single shoe design that can accommodate multiple running forms (as opposed to multiple shoe designs) and the second being the reusing of materials to make something new. The REVOLVE e-commerce website will not only sell the shoe, but promote wellness overall with original blog content to engage the community and promote the lifestyle of the brand.

By combining the notion of environmental impact, a dedication to high performance and a branded style/lifestyle, REVOLVE becomes a desirable product and an attractive brand to aspirational consumers. The goal is to reduce waste and create an easy way for someone to improve himself or herself and improve society. This combination sets the REVOLVE brand apart from competition.


What? A running shoe shell and separate insole made of 99% recycled materials.

How? Created as a combination of high performance (heavily researched & developed), minimal impact (recycled materials) and bold style (stunning design and brand that promotes a lifestyle).

For Who? The core runner and aspirational consumer who runs fairly frequently, believes they have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for society/the environment and defines themselves in part through the brands they use.

Why? If someone is aspirational in health efforts, they are probably aspirational in consumption patterns as well and will be likely to purchase products that are good for society and good for the environment.