Creating a Luxury Jewelry Brand

Full brand development for an online jewelry retailer specializing in bold and unique pieces.

Roles & responsibilities

Brand development, marketing strategy, e-blast campaigns, promotional material development, social media planning and implementation, website design, product photography, art direction of photo shoots


Valerie English, Reese Vaccarezza, Brenda Storer

E-commerce website to showcase the pieces for sale, as well as branded content to inform and appeal to site visitors.

E-commerce website to showcase the pieces for sale, as well as branded content to inform and appeal to site visitors.



A passion for bold vintage and estate jewelry sparked an idea for a new business–an online jewelry shop. Cleo Walker, named after the stylish great aunt of Pix Design’s principal creative, is a showcase of curated statement pieces from the 1940s to the 1980s. The Cleo Walker jewelry collection is striking–and it needed a brand to match.


We approached this project eager to build a brand from the foundation up. Trips to New York City’s Diamond District inspired us–it was easy to imagine who may have previously owned the jewelry and how a little bit of their spirit was held inside each piece. We considered who was most likely to purchase a Cleo Walker piece–someone who wanted to add to their own curated collection–and styled photo shoots accordingly. The memory of Cleo Walker’s personality served as guide to inform the feel of the brand and develop the brand voice.


The estate jewelry market in New York City has a rich heritage, and the profession is often a family one with many generations staying in the trade. In this industry, however, pieces are generally sold and traded for the value of their materials–meaning style is often overlooked. To us, this was a tragedy! Cleo Walker was created to bring together the style-seeking jewelry lover with these treasures that may have been otherwise hidden to her. We positioned Cleo Walker as a bold and vivacious brand to appeal to an individualistic audience–those seeking one-of-a-kind accessories as unique as themselves.


Visual Identity
We created a handwritten logo to evoke the era of many of the Cleo Walker collection pieces.


Marketing and Content Strategy
Without a physical location to attract potential customers, a heavy social media presence and e-marketing campaign was necessary. This included strategic groupings of the pieces based on style or material to create a compelling collection story, email blasts, Instagram and Twitter posts and many photo shoots.